Nomination Form
Download the form below to submit a candidate for consideration as District Governor.  Please note that the form must be submitted with original signatures to Caroline Earle by September 30, 2023.


District Governor Nominations

Nominations for District Governor for 2026-27 are now being accepted.

From year to year, the District Governor leads and supports our clubs by inspiring and motivating them to have a life-changing impact in their communities and in the world.  Clubs are encouraged to propose candidates who can provide this kind of leadership and who meet the qualifications to serve in this capacity.  Among the requirements is that at the time of taking office, the Nominee must have been a past president of a club, completed seven or more years of membership in one or more clubs, and have attended the Governors-Elect Training Seminar and the International Assembly.
If you feel that your club has such a leader among your members, or you know of someone in another club in the District, please consider nominating them so that, together, we can keep on doing the important humanitarian and peacebuilding work of Rotary.
The deadline to submit nominations is September 30, 2023, with interviews to follow on Saturday, October 7th 2023 in Montpelier.  Nominations should be sent to IPDG Caroline Earle at

What are the requirements to become a district governor?

  1. having previously served as President of a Rotary club.

  2. being a member of Rotary for at least seven years by the time you become District Governor.

Is there training?

There is extensive training, Rotary International provides a week of training, called IA (International Assembly) and our Zone 32 combines with Zone 28 and provides annual training as well.  Spoiler alert: the process is a lot of fun, and you meet and become friends with Governors around the world.  


How is the Governor selected each year?

Our District is fortunate; we have had multiple candidates each year apply for the position.  The nominating committee includes the current Governor track as well as past District Governors.  The committee is looking for a number of characteristics in selecting the right candidate.  Two important aspects are the ability to lead and the desire to work with our existing District Governor track.  Being an expert on everything Rotary is not a requirement.  

Do I have to be retired to be District Governor?

No, both DG Susan and DGE Kelly are working full-time, IPDG Caroline and PDG Jamie continued to work full-time as well as Richard and Eric maintained full-time jobs.   

Do I have to be a certain age?

Not at all.  Anyone with the desire to serve is encouraged to apply.

When will the next Governor be nominated?

Candidate interviews are scheduled for Saturday, October 7th 2023 in Montpelier. 

Who’s in charge?

Caroline Earle, IPDG (Immediate Past District Governor), is Chair of the Nominating Committee;  Any of us would be happy to discuss the District Governor position.
            Susan Cherry – DG (District Governor)
            Kelly Drew – DGE (District Governor Elect)
Of course, any of the past District Governors including, Mike Carrier, Jamie Milne, Richard Fox, Larry Vars, Eric Denu, Jay Polimeno and Louisa Tripp are great resources as well.

Download the application from the link in the left sidebar. 


Rotary International District Governor Job Description:

As a district governor you have proven strong leadership skills and decision making. During your year in office, clubs will look to you for leadership, support, and motivation as they carry out service projects and participate in Rotary programs.

What you do

  • Strengthen clubs, organize new clubs, and grow membership
  • Encourage contributions and other support for The Rotary Foundation
  • Promote positive public image and serve as spokesperson for district
  • Develop a safe environment for youth participants
  • Conduct district conference and other meetings
  • Supervise district nominations and elections
  • Prepare budget, provide annual report, and help administer District Designated Funds
  • Complete online district qualification
  • Work with governor-elect and other district leaders

How to prepare

Governors are elected by the district clubs two to three years before taking office.

As governor-nominee:

  • Take courses for governors-nominee in the Learning Center
  • Attend the governors-nominee training seminar
  • Learn about the district
  • Start planning the district conference

As governor-elect:

  • Take courses for governors-elect in the Learning Center
  • Attend the governors-elect training seminar and International Assembly
  • Conduct training for incoming district leaders and club leaders
  • Continue to plan the district conference
  • Qualify district for Rotary grants and conduct grant management training
  • Appoint assistant governors and committee chairs
  • Work with the governor and district leaders to create a district plan