Greetings from Honduras!  Here is a brief update on projects...after the hurricanes left many homeless and the pandemic caused many to lose their jobs we raised $2,685.00 from clubs and individuals for food.  The cost is about $10 per bag per family. .  One photo is of the staples included in the bags...not including 3 pounds of beans and 5 pounds of rice which were also added.
Progress is being made on a kindergarten in the community of April the 18th....where we had previously built a 2 classroom school, latrines, a playground, and electrified the entire community.  That was delayed by the hurricanes and the teacher heading north.  
Progress is also being made on a second kindergarten classroom in Maranones.....which had also been delayed by the hurricanes and a very nearby dispute between 2 palm plantations...killing 8 people.  The police had closed the road to the school.
Progress has proceeded on our water project serving 8 communities in the Agua Amarilla water district which was delayed by the pandemic, 2 hurricanes and the rainy season.  The main 90,000 gallon water tank has now been connected to the 45000 gallon reserve tank.  All 8 communities have received water since last year...the remaining items to be done are providing electricity to the tank for the chlorination system and building the chlorination system shed and hooking it up.  When you have water for the first time...purifying it is not a priority....
The Rigores water project has had to develop a new plan for provision of will serve the 5 barrios of Rigores.  The water output for the planned 350 foot deep well was determined to not be adequate.....we are in the process of cleaning out and utilizing existing hand pumps spread around the community....adding pumps and tanks to up to six of them since they currently provide 20 gallons a minute each...our need is a total of 120 gpm.  This new plan...when finalized,,,will ber presented to the Foundation.
   Next week I will be visiting the community of Tesorito,  They have requested a kindergarten and I will be assessing the need and request.
   I think that does it for now...thanks for your support!
                                                Tom Plumb, Hands to Honduras
                                                PO Box 1733
                                                Port Isabel, Texas 78578