On August 18, 2020, the Newport Rotary Club celebrated their second annual Micheline Auger Cleanup Day, an event established to honor former rotarian Michelene Augur after her passing in 2019 and to remember her tireless dedication to community service. 
On Tuesday, August 18th the Rotary Club of Newport forwent their typical weekly meeting to put their “pledge to the pavement” so to speak. The Rotary Club of Newport is a service-based organization that delights in their motto of “service above self.” And that is exactly what they did as they scoured the streets of Newport to serve in honor of longtime Rotary friend Micheline Auger.
Micheline truly lived the motto “service above self” as she tirelessly cared for the streets of Newport and was a recipient of the "Mel Carter Community Service Award" for her generous acts. From picking weeds in the summer to shoveling snow in the winter, Micheline was always there, and Newport deeply misses their icon of Micheline. 
receiving instructions before beginning city cleanup - masks on!
Micheline frequented the weekly Rotary Club meetings and was very active with the club. After her passing in 2019 the Rotary Club could think of no better way to honor her than to hit the streets and clean up as she did. This was the second annual Micheline Auger Cleanup Day. While the club took a few moments to share and reflect on Micheline, they then broke out into several groups to pick up garbage along the streets and waterfront of Newport. 
The Rotary Club of Newport is currently meeting weekly on zoom and would welcome anyone interested in “service above self” to join them online or in person for one of their community service projects. Anyone interested in learning more about Rotary or joining the club may contact current Rotary President, Mary Hoadley at mhoadley@nchsi.org.