RFE Program Information

Outbound trips typically comprise 12 Rotarians / spouses. They will stay with a host family for 3-4 nights and then travel to the next set of hosts in a different region of the host district. The total duration of the exchange is generally two weeks. The number of persons on the outbound team and the length of stay are flexible, with both involved districts agreeing on those details before the exchange occurs.

Who May Apply?

Rotarians and their spouses may participate in the District’s RFE Program. The Rotarian family member must participate in the exchange for spouses to be eligible.

How Do I Apply?

Participating districts appoint a Friendship Exchange District Chairperson who coordinates the program. This chairperson is responsible for contacting other RFE chairpersons to establish exchanges. To become guests or hosts, Rotarians must communicate with the Rotary Friendship Exchange District Chairperson. Rotarians who have participated as guests may want to serve as hosts when the Rotary visitors come to their community. Participating districts develop their own standards for participant selection with the understanding that no liability is attached to Rotary International. Interested Rotarian participants must complete the Rotary Friendship Exchange for District 7850 “Application To Participate in an Outgoing Rotary Friendship Exchange” and return it to the District 7850’s Chairperson.

How Much Does A Rotary Friendship Exchange Cost?

The largest component of an RFE is the cost of travel to the host club area. Ticket prices can vary greatly depending on the time of year, destination, desired seating, length of stay as well as provided amenities. Because many participants either do some private touring at the beginning or the end of the RFE period, you will be making your own flight arrangements. The best estimate for airline costs would be to check online and compare fares through different airlines. Your trip may also require you to leave the night before the official start of the RFE as well as a hotel upon your return. You will be responsible for all meals during transit not provided by the airlines. Once you have been picked up by your host family, they will provide lodging and breakfasts and some dinners. You will generally provide for your own lunches and any dinners and events outside your host’s home.

Do I have to host someone in my home as part of the Exchange?

No. While many participants in an outbound portion of an Exchange will want to reciprocate and act as host for the inbound portion, it is not required. In fact we will need 3-4 sets of host families for the inbound portion, so, even if you are unable to participate in an outbound trip, you can get many of the benefits of this program by hosting our visiting Rotarians.