For the members of Drummondville-Malouin Rotary Club, during the 2020-22 period a specific project has been close to their hearts: the development of the new outdoor courtyard of St. Joseph's School. This school is located in a very disadvantaged environment, with many people from immigrant backgrounds, with few resources and means. The idea was to create a supportive environment where students and the community can come together 24/7 and have access to sports like basketball with modern and adequate equipment.
As part of a global investment of nearly $400,000 by the government and the municipality to enhance the physical premises of St. Joseph's School, the Rotary Club became an important partner for the ideation and construction of a playground open to the entire population of the neighborhood, contributing nearly $26,000 so far, including a District Grant contribution from the District Rotary Foundation. This contribution represents the club's largest individual donation since its inception.
Another cause, dear to the members, is the summer camps for children, a majority of whom come from St-Joseph School. The camps are offered each year by the Centre Communautaire Drummondville Centre-Sud, and $4,000 was donated to this organization.
The Drummondville-Malouin Rotary Club, named in honor of Alonzo Maloin, who was a Rotary director (1978-1979), is well representative of its community: effervescent, creative, dynamic, active, young and particularly at the service of his community, particularly at the level of the projects with which he is associated.
Its 25 members – 56% women & 44% men – see fundraising as a key activity for the club, including their lucrative televised bingo and the "Bière et Fines Bouches" event that redistributes from $40,000 to $50,000 annually.
Despite the pandemic and especially thanks to the fabulous success of tele-bingo – an ideal activity for people in lockdown – during the 2020-21 year the Drummondville-Malouin Rotary Club was able to give a total of $39,063.08 back to the community.
Here are our concrete actions during the past year:
  1. Purchase of 150 cloth masks for Saint-Joseph School
  2. 50 reusable bottles for Saint-Joseph School
  3. School supply for St. Joseph's School
  4. School Snacks for St. Joseph's School
  5. Halloween activity Saint-Joseph school and the 2 classes of Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague school
  6. Christmas Bingo Activity for Saint Joseph School
  7. Buy soap bubbles summer party
  8. Gifts to students in two classes in Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague 
  9. Gifts recognition for the perseverance of the teachers of Saint-Joseph School and the two classes of Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague School
  10. Donation Saint-Pierre community centre for the purchase of bicycles 
  11. Donation to the Drummonville-Sud Community Centre 
  12. Donation for Saint-Joseph School, outdoor courtyard project
  13. Donation to the Guignolée
  14. Donation to the Suicide Prevention Centre 
  15. Donation to the Centre communautaire Drummondville-Sud
  16. Donation to the Saint-Pierre Community Centre for children's bikes
All this is possible thanks to the generous participation of the people of the MRC de Drummond in our various fundraising activities! Thank you very much for your support!
Text : French 2020-2022 co-president Eva Gravel & English 2022-2023 co-president Claude LaLiberté, Club Rotary Drummondville-Malouin
Pictures : 2021-2022 co-president Martin Morissette Club Rotary Drummondville Malouin