As I mentioned above, during this holiday season our clubs are up to all kinds of creative activity when it comes to events and fundraisers.  When I heard about what the Newport Rotary Club was up to again, I wanted to share it with all of you.  So, I asked them to give me a few words about this unique way of creating a ripple-effect for good.
The Rotary Club of Newport is looking forward to their 2nd Annual Secret Santa Project.
Each Rotarian will be giving out an envelope of $100.00 cash to random community members to make their season bright.
There are no rules about who can/cannot receive an envelope, making it that much more fun.
Last year Rotarians gave theirs outs to: gas station attendants, drive-thru workers, random shoppers at the grocery store, and so on.
This year the club is giving out over $4000.00 thanks to an anonymous donor they call their own “secret Santa.”