Welcome to the Rotary Learning Center!  If you have not become acquainted with this amazing learning tool, this is your moment.   It is simple to access, and the opportunities for learning and experiencing Rotary at a whole new level are limitless. 
  1. Go to the Rotary International Website.  www.Rotary.org
  1. Log in to My Rotary. 
You will find the My Rotary tab a little right of center at the top of the Rotary International home page.  (Quick Tip:  Don’t know your password?  Contact your Club Secretary who can assist you.)
  1. Once in My Rotary, click on the “Learning & Reference” tab at the top. 
Then scroll all the way down the page and select “Visit the Center” under the Learning Center header in the right column..
  1. Once in the course catalog section, select the general topic that interests you.
The Learning Center course catalogs are broken down into general categories like “Club Leadership” or “Membership.” 
  1. Under the general topic, you will find course catalogs that break down your subject further into learning modules. 
Many of the courses allow you to progress from beginning, to intermediate, and to advanced.  Some are shorter, while others are lengthier.  Every club or district role has a course that introduces you to your role and gives you tips to be successful.   The opportunities are truly endless! 
  1. For a quick overview of the Learning Center (from the Club President module), go to: