If you are interested in finding out more about membership in Rotary, one of the best places to start is our "Become a Member" page.    It gives a lot of background on reasons you may consider joining and how to make the decision on whether Rotary is right for you. 
Once you've made the choice and you're ready to look for a club, there are a few places you can start.  Check in your town for a sign with the Rotary "Mark of Excellence" (or "wheel") logo on it - like the wheel in our District 7850 logo on this website.  If you see a sign like that, it should tell you where and when the nearest club meets.  
You can also check this page on our website to find a club near you and reach out to them about meeting information if it's not listed here. 
And if you're from outside our District's geographic map and you're looking for a club somewhere else, you can use this map on Rotary International to find a club anywhere in the world that will be a good fit for you.