Rotary Leadership Insitute

What is the Rotary Leadership Institute of Northeast America?


The Rotary Leadership Institute of Northeast America includes the original area where the RLI was founded in 1992. It now includes the districts of Zone 32 in the northeastern part of the USA and Bermuda.

The RLI is a recommended unofficial affiliate of Rotary International,  but not an official program of R. I. nor under its control. Clubs and districts looking to train Rotarians as leaders at local levels can now access online a wide array of resources developed by the RLI.
The institute offers a training program in three full-day sessions, followed by graduate seminars. Faculty are carefully selected from among Rotarians with outstanding leadership abilities, prepared to conduct innovative participatory course sessions. The RLI is now forming additional Divisions around the world and each Division is listed on the Divisions link.
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