1. Any High School Student aged student except a student who has been the District Winner of a previous District 7850 Public Speaking Contest is eligible.


2. All contestants who win any Contest Round is responsible to participate at the next Contest Round or will not receive prized money (check) from the previously won Contest. Round 1 Club Check is given at Round 2 Area Contest. Round 2 District Check is given at Round 3; Round 3 District Check is given at Round 4. Contestant must be present to receive contest prize check.




1. Subject: Apply this year's theme in everyday relationships with other people.


2. Delivery: A written copy of the speech should be presented prior to the presentation. The speech contestant may refer to the speech during its presentation, but should not be reading the speech word for word, nor must it be completely memorized.


3. Length of Speech: The speech should be no longer than 5 minutes. Penalty points may be added if the speech is a minute shorter or longer than 5 minutes. Contestant will be disqualified if timed for 7 or more minutes. 


4. Speech Content: The speech given by each contestant must be original in content and related to the relevance of applying the theme in one's everyday life.


5. Language: Since Rotary District 7850 is a bilingual district, the speech may be presented either in English or French.